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If you are looking to access our latest courses and e-Books, then you need to check out our online Training Center. It is chock full of great e-books and online courses to enhance your learning experience.

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If you would like to know what we are doing to Create More Health, Wealth, and Happiness in our lives, then join us on Facebook. We have created a Private Group to share our ideas and insights from our decade long journey to create more health, wealth, and happiness in our lives.

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Lisa and I are constantly updating the information on our site via our podcast. If you want to be able to access all of our latest updates then click the link below and try to keep up...

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An Inspired Life: 365 Days of Love & Encouragement

An Inspired Life is a book of quotes that is dedicated to providing you with an uplifting and motivational thought every day of the year.

Lisa Cockrell brings you her positive views of life, along with all of the wisdom she has learned over the years, and continues to learn, to help you reach the joy and happiness in your life that you deserve.

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Mommy Hummer Builds A Nest

Lisa Cockrell, author of The Hummer Garden, brings you a story of a mommy hummingbird trying to find a beautiful and safe spot to raise her children, Flit and Flutter, in a magical garden filled with flowers and love. Along the way, mommy has to avoid the kitty, much larger birds and her enemy, the sneaky preying mantis.

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The Hummer Garden

Everyone has been fascinated by hummingbirds at one time or another.

Now, Lisa Cockrell, shows you how to build a hummer garden so you too can enjoy the sights of these amazing creatures.

Full of advice and personal photos from her own hummer garden, this book gives you the ground work to create something special and marvel at one of life's truly remarkable birds, the hummingbird.

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Binge Proof Lifestyle Video Course

I’m going to show you how to put an END to Overeating - FOREVER! Now if you find yourself in these following situation… “I crave for chips and sweets all the time…” “I’m constantly thinking about food… no matter what time of the day it is!” “Whenever I start eating something good, I can’t stop until I’ve gobbled down everything even when I’m full” If you feel like this then you need to stop whatever you're doing and watch this video presentation. Because I'm going to Show You The Fastest Way To Cure Food Addictions, Control Your Cravings And Living The Binge-Proof Lifestyle Permanently...

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A Mindful Moment Video Course

7 Videos In All Covering... Meditation: How, What & Why? - Preparing To Meditate - Simple Meditation Techniques - Waking, Single-Focus Meditation - Observe Your Breathing - Quick Transcendental Meditation - And Much, Much More..

You will ALSO get the e-book "A Mindful Moment", and FIVE Guided Meditation audios! PLUS you will get all videos with an audio version to download and take with you wherever you go!

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Live Video Marketing

Would You Like to Explode Your Traffic With a Fun and Exciting New Marketing Tactic?

Learn How In This: FREE REPORT!

You can drive more traffic and higher conversions with Live Streaming Video!

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Download Your Free Copy of This Amazing Report and Find Out How to Use Live Video Effectively!

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Living Well With Mike and Lisa

Lisa and I have spent the past few years working hard to take back control of our lives. It has not always been this way. Just a few short years ago, we were both working 60 to 80 hours a week while trying to juggle our business, our family and our relationship.

We were falling farther and farther behind every day. Our health was suffering even though I am a practicing family physician and Lisa is a registered nurse. We knew what we needed to be doing to care for ourselves yet we could not find the time to get it done.

After struggling for years, we decided that we had to do things different and we started a series of small methodical changes that have literally transformed our life and our relationship. We learned how to start the process of taking back control and reducing the stress in our lives that was killing us and our family.

Through this fan page and our other mediums (books, blogs, podcast, online courses, masterminds) we would like to share this journey with you. If you have been struggling to deal with all of the crap that life seems to throw at you, we invite you to join us on our journey. It is a journey of learning, growing, sharing and changing that will transform the person you are today into the person that you have always dreamed of being.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you and look forward to better understanding your struggles as well. I have no doubt that as we all move forward together, we can lift each other up and reach all of our dreams together.


Dr. Mike and Lisa

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